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Some more BBM icons:

As always, most of them were submitted to brkbck_chllnge.

Dedicated to: [info]iskroot3, who did the fabulous icon I’m using right now and who unknowingly put me in the direction of brkbck_chllnge and the icon-making’s world; [info]wyvern734, my very first lj friend; and to the lovely, lively and fellow icon-maker pernille_is_me.




Snag them if you like them.

Credit would be nice, comments and cristicism appreciated.

All Jake’s pics from IHJ, Heath’s from HeathLedger.net, Anne’s from Anne Hathaway Fan, and BBM screencaps from screencapsheaven.

Well, I have to recognize not only RL have interfered with my icons...I spent a great part of my spare time doing this header... used to fill 100*100 pixeles, it took me a while to figure out how to make it with a bigger canvas.

It’s inspired on [info]sienata’s story Boys of Blue Ridge: I don’t feel confident enough on my writing skills to do a proper recommendation, so I’ll just say I think is a fabulous fic and I loved it from beginning to end.


I’m quite happy with the outcome even if I see many “could be done better” all over it.

Click on the image to see it full size.



Any kind of feedback would be more than welcome!


I used the textures below from http://impulsive.sarrand.net/textures.php


The font is Subtext from dafont.com

JG pic from IHJ – HL pic from HeahtLedger.net


Been a while!

I’ve been neglecting my lj lately.

Truth is my mind is focused in other things... not that it’s my intention, but I guess my brain did work properly for once and centered itself on RL: new job, new colleagues, new schedule...many things to learn!: December gone in a blink!

So, haven’t done many icons, just a bunch that I’ll post in no particular order. As usual, I submitted most of them for various challenges at  [info]brkbck_chllnge


                   1                                    2                                  3



 You can take them if you like them!

Comments are very much appreciated!!! :o)

Jake's pics are from IHJ, Heath's from Heathledger.net, and Anne's ....I cannot really remember, sorry!


Brokeback Challenge – 11

My icons for Challenge #46 at brkbck_chllnge  and some more!


Brokeback Challenge – 10

Challenge 45 at brkbck_chllnge.

Happy and Alternate Fandom Quote.

All after the cut!

The text used from other fandoms are from the movies below.

Icon 1: The Princess Bride - 1987
Icon 3: The Princess Bride - 1987
4: The Way We Were – 1973
5: The Way We Were – 1973
8: Jerry Maguire - 1996

Pics from IJH.
Screencaps from screencaphaven: I don't know what happened to this community, it just disappeared from LJ, but I'll be eternally grateful to them for the BBM screencaps.

Edit: Number 4 won the first place in challenge B at brkbck_chllnge .

Brokeback Challenge – 9

Some more icons for brkbck_chllnge

Challenge 44

I couldn't bring myself to make any icons with the prompt  "pain", just wasn't in the mood!  So I just submitted a couple of them for the second challenge: text from Brokeback with non BBM images.

                   1                                       2

I made some variations of the second one:

Comments and criticism are more than welcome!

The Killers - Icons

I love The Killers!
I like them since the first time I listened to Mr. Brightside. Shortly after I saw them on TV, playing at the Jools Holland show (BBC), and I got the chance to pay attention to their lyrics, (thanks to subtitles :o)) and then I was hooked.
I love their lyrics, they even make reach for my dictionary when I don't understand a word. Ok... I don't think I can explain it: it's the words they use and they way they say things that got me. That and the music they make, of course!

So I bought their first album, and will have soon the second one. At the moment I'm crazy about their second single "Bones". The video has been directed by Tim Burton, and you can totally recognize his touch on it!

(To see the video go here, scroll down a bit and choose the video)

I did some icons from it, and had fun colouring them! (childish?... :o)... maybe!)

Comments and criticism are more than welcome!

Brokeback Challenge – 8

A very quick update!
Icons submitted for last week's challenge at brkbck_chllnge: Halloween & Anne Hathaway after the cut!
Happy Halloween to everyone!

My Brokeback icons

Icons related to the movie Brokeback Mountain, and its actors/actresses.

                1                                    2                                    3


Note: Some of them were posted previously but as part of a larger image that didn’t allow to copy and save them.

About credit: I leave it to your own judgement.
Comments and criticism are welcome!

Edit: No. 3 won  2nd  place  at  brkbck_chllnge :


Today I entertained myself doing three icons for the Movie Stillness challenge that I joined just today. But somehow I didn't read the rules properly and therefore couldn't submit them on time. Well, it can happen to anyone once in a while... right?

So here they are:


The pics are from The Black Dahlia movie, taken from movie_stillness.

Note: If, by any chance, someone out there wants to take them, I'd be most flattered! Don't need credit, but my ego could make it with a nice comment! :o)


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